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Hello, I’m Malavika (maal-vika)

An M.Des student at CMU, I’m probably burning the midnight oil considering it’s that point of the semester.

The no frills version:

I’m a communication designer turned UX professional who worked in B2B rail freight UX before deciding to learn about interactions and products in an educational context.

I believe that the turning points of my career so far follow this logic:

Learning to communicateRealized the importance of the experience while communicating.

Designing experiences → Reinforced the role of interacting while experiencing a product/service.


I’m a multi-cultural Indian from Bangalore, a city known for it’s startup culture, filter coffee, and traffic. Besides the occasional identity crisis, I can speak 5 different languages, and love exploring my culture through cooking and documenting food.

I graduated with a B.Des in communication Design from PES University in Bangalore. I took up multiple internships through college doing graphic design work, before moving onto a full-time experience design position at Wongdoody.

At Wongdoody, I worked in a cross-functional team to design an order management system for a leading Canadian rail freight company. During this summer, I also taught graphic design and brand communication to semester 4 students at my alma mater. Teaching in-turn taught me to be a patient listener and provide constructive, unobtrusive feedback.

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