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UX Design, UX Research, Design Strategy, Visual Design


1 year (During my time at Wongdoody)


Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Marvel, Abstract, Microsoft Azure


During my time at Wongdoody, I worked on a long-term B2B user experience project for a prominent Canadian rail freight company. We were tasked with designing an order creation and management form. Customers would use this form to ‘build’ their order over time (i.e complete parts of the order and place it across the order cycle).

Placing a rail freight order can be a complex multi-level task, with several specifications required at each step. Simplifying this process without making a complete shift from the user’s mental model was our goal.

Our team was focused on delivering the design for the MVP, which required the form to be in a single-page, and have a wizard mode, for novice users. We also designed the order management page, from where you could cancel, modify, and click on orders to see it’s details.

We worked with existing research insights provided by the client, from which we deduced our problem statement.

How might we enable the customer to progressively build their order over time, track the journey of their containers at each stage of acquisition, filling, and delivery?


  • I envisioned, designed, and proposed multiple versions of the form to drive discussions with the stakeholders, facilitating decisions about the functionality of the form at a product-capability level.

  • I led the coordination of the UX team of 3 members with the product, business, client UI team, and subsequently the UI development team once production began. While the product owners came to us with research-backed requirements, I drove most of these conversations to understand the outcome expected, asking the right questions, and demoing the mockups to the product team and client. 


  • I also led the weekly touch-points with the client UI team, where we discussed UX iterations over time and checked for UI compliance.

  • I worked on documenting the UX changes over the sprints, creating a log of all changes made, ensuring teams are on the same page about UX changes being made.


  • Working in an agile environment as part of a cross-functional team across geographies taught me the importance of ensuring all teams are on the same page.

  • As this was a product meant to be built over time, UX changes were made rapidly through the sprints, based on decisions made by the stakeholders about the scope for the MVP. Reflecting these changes and effectively communicating them across teams was an important skill I gained out of this experience.

  • Multiple iterations of the form were made during my time at Wongdoody, and features and functionalities were added and removed. That is to say that I am aware of the pace and challenges that are faced when designing in an agile environment.

​I'm unable to share any details of my work due to an NDA, but feel free to email me if you'd like to learn more.


Some other things to ask me about my time at Wongdoody:

  • Ask me about the AI-powered dashboard design for a logistic manager I designed for a product pitch!

  • Also ask me about my bootcamp ocean-freight project!

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