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NGMA Website Redesign


UX Audit, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Visual Design


1 week (Personal Project, Fall 2022)


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Notion


How can the NGMA web presence be improved to align with the institutions values and importance?


The National Gallery of Modern Art is India’s center for modern and contemporary art. Their current website makes it difficult to access information about the museum and events.


Their carefully curated collection of 17,039 artworks is one of the largest corpora of modern and contemporary Indian art under one roof.



Current Digital Experience

Group 633414_edited.png

Information within the tabs are not organized in a logical manner

All information on the homepage is nested in tabs

Graphics are not in alignment with brand.


Group 633417_edited.png

No context about which branch(city) this exhibit is in.

Limited information and unlabelled gallery pictures of the exhibit.



Group 633418_edited_edited.png

Long description that doesn’t provide any overview to the collection. Lacks hierarchy in information structure.

Pictures with limited context, arranged in no particular order.

Group 633419_edited.png

Too many fonts used inconsistently

The imagery formatting is inconsistent

Inconsistent iconography

Preliminary Research

Group 633388_edited.png


Group 633388_edited.png

Heuristic Evaluation

Group 633388_edited.png

Competitive Analysis

06/10 users found it difficult to navigate the website

“Looked like the site was under maintenance”.

Usability Guidelines Conformity

Since the homepage lacked any content, I evaluated it’s usability guidelines conformity.

Group 633396_edited.png

Existing Information Architecture

Group 633420_edited_edited.png

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis focused on museums showcasing a nation's art history and exhibits. I examined their website structures to discern the nuances of their navigation and content tone to understand how they established their brand. I also wanted to see what might not be working well.

This was a personal note-taking exercise to identify general patterns to look for.

Pain Points

Group 633421_edited_edited.png


How can the NGMA web presence be improved to align with the institutions values and importance?

Asking the right questions

Group 633409_edited_edited.png

Reorganizing the Information Architecture

Group 633410_edited.png

Lofi Wireframes

Mask group_edited.png
Group 98.png

Redesigned Logo. The square is an abstraction of modern art

Group 633411_edited_edited.png


Home Page

Pain Point: There's no content on the homepage. Everything is hidden under tabs. (1).gif


Pain Point: There is no information about different locations of the museum. There's no clarity on museum visitor guidelines. (2).gif

Exhibitions Tab

Pain Point: All information about the exhibit is on a flyer that was used as a banner. Heavy text-based explanation without clear navigation. (3).gif


Pain Point: There is no way to see all virtual exhibits at once. They're hidden under the navigation bar tab.

Seeds of Wisdom (Personal Notes/Reflections) 

  • As this was one of my first UX case studies, I kept questioning the UX research methods.

  • After making the mockups I realized the scale of the visual elements need to be fine-tuned.

  • I’ve planned out a bunch of micro-interactions and am excited to implement them as next steps.

  • Moving on, I’d like to see how AR could be implemented in the virtual gallery exhibits, and how personalization could elevate the browsing experience for a user.

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